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The physician home construction loan Oak Laurel government has already signed the contracts so the wind turbines are now being built. Some of the solar and wind has already come on stream. A lot more comes on in April 2017 and certainly by the time we get to 2020, we will have a 100% supply of electricity from clean sources. By reaching the 100% renewable energy target, he says the ACT will reduce its emissions by about 40%. Weve achieved the lowest prices ever seen for renewable energy in Australia, Rattenbury says. With an effective reverse auction, the ACT has given other states a leg-up, by lowering the cost of new wind generation. The auction there achieved costs that beat those in the surrounding NSWs lowest prices by more than 10%. But more than just providing clean energy, Rattenbury says it gives the ACT community confidence theyll have cheap and reliable power for decades to come. Theres a certain pride in Canberra being a jurisdiction that is doing what the science tells us we need to do embracing renewable energy and doing it in a way that is affordable, he says. Having renewable energy owned by the community has increasingly been used as a way of building support among the community and undoing some of the anti-renewables campaigning waged by fossil-fuel interests.

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